Detox, Transform, Heal
Doreen Martin

New Client Consultation

The initial New Client Consult is the first appointment a new client should book. We will review lab chemistry or bioresonance scan, symptoms, and health history. I will build a recommended protocol for supportive solutions.
Excited to walk with you on this journey to better health!

$225 for 90-minutes

Review Scans or Bloodwork Only

Review of scans or blood work.

$149 for 60-minutes

$149 for 60-minutes

$149 for 60-minutes

$149 for 60-minutes

Follow Up Session

Follow Up includes a Wellness Inquiry Form that allows clients to track progress and discussion about updated lab work (if applicable), symptom improvements, and current questions.
I will address what is a priority based on your progress and build an updated protocol for continued healing.

 $79.00 for 30 min.

Thank you!

For your interest in working with me. My practice is currently full but I will be accepting a limited number of new clients soon. If interested please provide your information below and a little bit of your health story and why you would like to work with me. I will be happy to get back to you if I think working together would be a good fit.