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Full Scan – Home Health Test

This is an effective system of using Bioresonance testing of hair and saliva to identify bioenergetic stressors. I am proud to offer the full selection of Balanced Health tests designed to center in on specific stress, as well as a broad range of remedies.

  • I recommend the Full Scan: Click here see full scan
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My Morning Coffee

King Coffee is organic coffee that is infused with Reishi spores. Organo, the maker of King Coffee, has a patented process of harvesting the Reishi spores that makes them up to 80x more potent and bioavailable than other Reishi on the market

Samples – I realize that it can be nerve-wracking to try coffee again if you haven’t been able to have it for a long time. I also understand that you may not want to commit to purchasing a whole box of coffee if you don’t know how you will feel after drinking it and that is why I sell sample packs.

  • Click HERE to purchase a sample pack.
  • Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of ganoderma.
  • Click HERE to buy King Coffee Retail:
  • Click HERE to buy King Coffee Wholesale:

Many of you have heard me speak on Instagram about my respect for Cellcore Biosciences and their supplement technology, which is so far ahead of the game with their carbon technology. If interested in purchasing Cellcore products, please contact me at rawdoreen@gmail.com for more information.


I’ve teamed-up with Wellevate to offer my clients the ability to purchase high-quality supplements directly. Counterfeit supplements have become a huge problem in the online marketplace, which makes it extremely important to order your supplements through a trustworthy source.

All products in the Wellevate catalog have zero markups which means they are sold at MSRP or lower, with no additional customs or duties to worry about! Once you sign-up you are all set. Your account discount to 30% off for the life of your account. Click HERE to access my Wellevate dispensary.


Purium Health products are the cleanest green products. I teamed up with Purium now for over 5 years. My favorite products are listed below. My discount is $50 off a single product and $100 off the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation by using my code “BMWM3” CLICK HERE and my code with be automatically taken off at checkout. Some of my favorit products are listed below:


I love Siete products. You can have the confidence in knowing that anything you buy from this company has clean ingredients. They were so kind to give me a discount code with a discount of 25% use code rawdoreen25

Click HERE to order from their website.


Therasage has amazing products that I love and use. I use the 03-Bubbler to clean all my fruits and veggies. Every morning I use the redlight therapy for brain health and mitochondria support. I have on my future purchase list the portable sauna. Click HERE


NEVER BE DEHYDRATED AGAIN. WOO HOO. 💦They created GOODONYA HYDRATE with organic, real food ingredients. With only 1g of sugar, it’s an awesome way to get natural MINERALS + ELECTROLYTES into your body daily. Click HERE to save 10%

Thrive Market

I order so many goodies from Thrive market and love how convenient it is and how quickly I receive the products. I have a special coupon code for you so you can save 25% off your first order. Click HERE


An easy to use, no mess and heat-free castor oil pack to promote healing, healthy digestion and drainage/detox. Click HERE

Transform Your Tap Water

With AquaTru, it’s not just filtered. It’s purified. AquaTru’s patented 4-Stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology is certified to NSF standards to remove 83 contaminants, including Lead, Chlorine, Fluoride, Nitrates, PFAs and many more

  • Pure, delicious water
  • No installation or plumbing
  • Long-lasting filters
  • Certified to remove dangerous contaminants

Acqua TRU Discount and Payment Plan ($150 OFF!) No code needed!



AirDoctor combines our UltraHEPA™ filter with our proprietary dual action Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC filter to remove or substantially reduce virtually all the particles, toxic ozone, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and gases from the air in your home.

AirDoctor features professional WhisperJet fans, which are 30% quieter than ordinary air purifiers, and features a built-in air quality monitor which lets you know if your indoor air quality is good, moderate or poor and automatically adjusts the level of filtration based on the air quality in the room.

AirDoctorPro Discount and Payment Plan ($300 OFF!) No Code needed!

Air Doctors filters w/ FREE SHIPPING

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