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E-Commerce Store

We took a step of faith when we added our E-Commerce Superfood Store as one of our income streams. We didn’t realize five years ago how significant that decision would be. Jesus radically changed our life when HE called our family to Ecuador 2 years ago and told us to give 100% of our store’s profit to His Mission of Love 501c3 nonprofit that supports children, refugees, a Waorani village in the Amazon jungle and the elderly. Every purchase you make from our store goes to supporting those that are in need.

If you are looking for the cleanest and healthiest Organic, Non-GMO whole food supplements on the market jump on over and browse my store.  Everything comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.  You get $50 off your first order and special discounts for monthly orders. 


Zero risks for Non-profits.


There are no upfront fees or monthly fees for Non-profits to join


There are no monthly minimum orders required.

We would love to help you get started with your own e-commerce store with a simple time investment on your part.

Would you like to own your own superfood store to help financially support your charity?

We can help you own your own E-commerce Superfood store and do it all for free.

You will get a FREE Business Pack that will help you launch your store and enable you to give your supporters a FREE $50 Gift Card to apply to their purchase. You have no monthly purchase requirements.


How does your Non-profit benefit?

Every purchase one of your members makes with that Gift Card code, 20% of the profit will go DIRECTLY to your organization! Plus, your members can receive up to 25% off on all future purchases!

Email me for all the details so your Non-profit can help more people!

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