Meet CP and Doreen

CP and Doreen are national leaders in the areas of online entrepreneurship and living life unplugged from any where in the world.  They became full time real estate investors in 2003 and later, Doreen went back to school and graduated as a holistic health practitioner after the tragic death of her father.  CP and Doreen dug deep into their hearts to find their own path and true passion for entrepreneurship. From their pain and disappointments birthed their passions and with every tragedy comes triumph. Their greatest joys are spending time with family and friends as well as helping to inspire and educate others on how to exit the “rat race” and to succeed with their own entrepreneurial careers and give back to causes they are passionate about.

Since 2017, they became more interested in area of giving back, specifically in the country of Ecuador. They launched His Mission of Love a 501c3 nonprofit, that helps support orphans, elderly, refugees and a Waorani village in the Amazon jungle. They are routinely praised for their authentic leadership style, business principles and passion for giving back.

Presently, they enjoy focusing on writing books, online programs, growing their martins unplugged podcast, giving back, and learning more about living a life of abundance with less.

Our Personal Story

Hi. We are Pat (CP) short for “Coach Pat” and Doreen Martin, here is a bit about us and how we began to unplug from the “Rat Race”.  It started back in 2000 when we did our first real estate deal and 3 years later we stepped into the life of being full time entrepreneurs and never looked back.  We became “Un-employable”.

Back then we were working full time as pastors for churches putting in 55 to 70 hours per week sacrificing not only our time, but our marriage, and the kids.  We never had enough money or time to do anything.  All we did was work 24/7 trying to make ends meet. Maybe you can relate to living on this hamster wheel lifestyle. We had a combined income of less than $70K per year and were so busy trying to make a living we forgot to make a life.  We were doing all we knew how to do but we just couldn’t get ahead.  We were permanent residents of the NO CLUB…. no savings, no life insurance, no investments, no time for each other, no time for the kids or seeing family, no fun, no vacations, no eating out, nothing!

Then the direction of our life started to change as a result of reading one book.  We were told by our boss of 8 years, TD Jakes at the time, to read a book by Robert Kiyosaki called Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  That book changed our lives and so did working for TD Jakes.  Soon after a real estate investor friend challenged us to look into real estate investing and within 6 months, we assigned our first real estate deal and made a $4K assignment fee on our lunch break which was a lot more money than we made all month working for the church.  We had our “ah ha” moment as our eyes became opened to the reality of being an entrepreneur and saying goodbye forever to trading hours for dollars as an employee.

After much learning and multiple real estate transactions, for me, CP, I was an award winning sought-after speaker and author in real estate traveling almost every other weekend from NYC to LA speaking on the largest RE stages.  I was blessed to have multiple webinars with sales over 6 figures with my first real estate course.Today, I focus on training my student/clients in real estate specializing in vacant Pre-bank owned empty houses, Pre-foreclosures and creating a monthly income stream with little or no money out of pocket.  You have heard it said, there are “Riches in the Niches”.  I have certainly found a niche with my Pre-foreclosure Cash Cow Course that allows me to invest remotely from here in South America.

Back in 2013 we were introduced to a company that has a product line of USDA organic and non-GMO Super foods, manufactured in their own USDA organic facility in Long beach, California.  We, like many of you had a self-limiting belief and hesitant to add the network marketing business model to our portfolio but loved the products and saw significant results with our health.  What also caught our attention was that it is a product first forward company and not like all the others we had seen.  We felt the Lord telling us that we needed to proceed and He would bless the works of our hands.  In 18 months we became number 23 in the company world-wide.  It took work and we plowed ground to make it happen as we had never worked a network marketing business before.  We didn’t know then but today as a result of following the leading of the Lord and not letting our head tell us “NO” our online e-commerce super food store donates 100% of the profits to support His Mission of Love 501c3 nonprofit.

Our Leap of Faith

For the past two years we have lived in Ecuador with Elisha our 27-year-old son and Hannah our 19-year-old daughter.  A few years before moving to South America, God began to stir our hearts for something more and that a “BIG SHIFT” was going to happen.  We didn’t know what this shift was going to be, but heard the Lord speak to our hearts to just be open.  Doreen stumbled across a documentary called “The Minimalist” and as she is always bringing stuff or me to look at, I said to myself… “okay… this is just another one of her things”.  But God was up to something.

As we were beginning to make plans for the summer in 2017 we went to one of Doreen’s favorite organic clean food restaurants in downtown St. Pete.  Our usual waiter, Zach, informed us that he would be gone for the summer to visit his mother in Olon, Ecuador on the beach.  You got it.  The seed was planted.  We had never thought of Ecuador or knew anything about Ecuador except for the Galapagos Islands. God began to water the seed.  Both of us found ourselves researching about Ecuador for the next few weeks.

When we returned back home to Florida, God challenged our faith. He told us to get rid of everything, all our lifelong belongings and move to Ecuador.  Yikes!  It was not easy but we downsized to two suitcases each, a backpack and completely minimalized our life with the sole purpose of allowing God to take the wheel of our life and lead us.  It took almost 6 months but what an amazing feeling of freedom came over us.  We can now pick up and move anywhere God leads us to.  Today, in a moments notice, we can move to the Caribbean islands, Europe, Australia… anywhere. 

That summer we began helping at an orphanage and teaching English to children at the local school.  It became apparent to us after two months of living on the beach in Ecuador and helping with children that the “Big Shift” had begun.  I can remember as we walked on the beach that summer thinking that time was flying by with our lives and asking ourselves what type of impact in life were we really making back in the states.  We had accumulated material possessions, fancy cars, expensive clothes and experienced some amazing vacations but it all seemed self-serving.

As we began looking into this idea we knew God was calling us to go there and that we would help with children over the summer.  We had no idea how. We even contacted some missionary groups of which all turned us down unless we spent 6-12 months of training with them first but our trip was already set for a month away.  So as a complete step of faith the entire family went and spent the summer on the beach in Ecuador.

All we need to do is dare to dream and dream big!  The phrase “We Can’t” no longer exists.  Now we say the phrase “How Can We”. We saw many miracles along the way as evidence that God’s hand was in this from lost wallets and cell phones being returned to God’s favor at baggage check-in with no extra luggage fees. We learned many lessons along the way and saw that our hearts had some unfavorable desires that God wanted to change. We tell the complete story on our podcast if you want to check it out.

In July of 2018, Doreen had a life-altering accident. She passed out and hit her head from dehydration, knocked unconscious, blood was everywhere and I held her in my arms while she slipped into a coma. The doctors said that she was not going to make it… but God had another plan and she woke up two days later.  No brain damage, no fractures and within two months she was more than 100% fully recovered with a clean bill of health.  This incident shook our entire family to the core and taught us more about living life to the fullest and never ever take each other for granted.

Today we split our time from the gorgeous sunny season on the beach near Olon to the beautiful winter season in the mountain city of Cuenca.  We love living life unplugged so we can go wherever and whenever God says it’s time for a new adventure. We know that we are called to impact lives with the message of Jesus love and having an abundant life with less hoping that we can encourage you to begin taking steps towards your own goals and dreams to live your own life unplugged.

Our Guiding Principle

We have a few guiding principles to keep ourselves grounded and focused on the right things. After all, in the world of entrepreneurship, it’s just as easy to lose your path as it is to find it. These principles keep us on course.


Put Jesus first...

in everything and you will have success. Eph: 4:13


God places a vision in your heart...

but doesn’t necessarily tell you the steps.  He waits for you to take the first step HE gives you and then slowly unfolds the rest of the journey. Hosea 4:6


Have faith and abandoned fear...

Don’t be afraid to abandon your comfort zone and go after what you think God may be wanting to do with your life. If you make a mistake or veer off course, HE knows exactly how to course correct you and keep you moving forward and get you where you need to be. Hebrews 11:6


Enjoy the journey and stay focused on today...

We are not guaranteed tomorrow and life can change in an instance.  Don’t come to the end of your life saying “If only I would have”.  Matt: 6:33


Let go of all offenses and hurt...

They will only keep you bound to the past and hold you captive to living a life of poverty. Love others unconditionally just as God loves you. Give Freely! Love Freely! Forgive Freely! Live Freely!  1 John 4:7&8