Here what we do to start the New Year off with each other and our kids.

We hope you are inspired and can find a tip or two to incorporate into your vision planning.


The following are the topics we write down and then we write what comes to our heart.  We don’t let our minds get involved in the process. We don’t try to figure out how the vision will come to pass.  That is the Lord’s job.  Our job is to write the vision.  After writing the vision we surrender it to the Lord for HIS will and way for it to be accomplished. Habakkuk 2:2









Giving Back



We also want to tie up and loose ends we have from 2018. We incorporated a “burn notice” to help us move forward.

Ask the lord to show you where you are incomplete.
Do you need to forgive someone?
Do you need to have a difficult conversation?
Do you need to say sorry?

Ask the Lord to show you anything that needs to be cleared. Write it down and pray for Him to show you the timing to get complete.

As Kingdompreneurs we operate our life and business different then the world.

The world chases money. We chase God. We
seek him first and all these things will be added to us.

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