In this episode Doreen and I talk about finding your pace and walking with God.

When you find your stride and your pace and you step in sync with God you will find yourself walking in His peace!  It is about being in step and in tune with the Holy Spirit so you don’t miss out on what God would have for you.

There is a scripture that says “For the steps of the righteous man are ordered by the lord” Psalms 37:23.

You never see Jesus running off to one event or another situation. You always read in the Scriptures that Jesus walked and wasn’t in a hurry or pushing, grinding and striving to get something done.

When you find your step or stride with the Lord in the pace he has for you you’ll walk in his peace.

Doreen and I bust the myth of having to strive and grind to be successful.

We talk about getting caught up in the myth of having to sacrifice your relationships, your marriage, family and even your health to grind and strive thinking this is a recipe for success.

Finding God‘s pace for yourself will give you his favor, grace, peace and success. Don’t let yourself get caught up in comparing yourself to others. Someone else’s pace belongs to them.  Their pace and step and stride is not your pace and stride.  We all have our own pace to find.  Finding God‘s pace for yourself is your secret to success. Doreen and I hope and pray this episode ministers to your heart and gives you direction to set you free to find your personal pace to step with the Holy Spirit finding your pace to His success for your life

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