In this episode, Doreen and I share our stories of being full time paid staff employees at churches and falsely thinking this was the only way to be used by God in ministry.  The last church we were employees at over 15 years ago, for me it was like being in a huge candy store.  I was so excited to be a pastor there.  Doreen was more conservative in her approach as she was a manager department head for a marketing area for this mega church.


It was years later that we discovered what it meant to be a Kingdompreneur.  It is our goal in this podcast to help you realize that you don’t need to be perfect and have it “altogether” for God to use you.


Doreen and I will share what it means to follow the scripture that says “As You Go” in Matthew 10:7.  Everyone “Go’s” everyday.  The question is, “what are you doing as you are going”?

Listen in as we give you tips of how you can take that step of faith, get out of your comfort zone, find incredible freedom and say to the Lord, “Here am I Jesus, pick me”!

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