In this week’s episode, we continue with the second part of my interview with Nicholas who is an expert on transforming people

Show notes:

  • Nicholas shares his background
  • What does it actually mean to heal the hart?
  • Are women are more sensitive to getting their heart hurt?
  • Could physical sickness sometimes be related to issues of the heart?
  • The time that Nicholas helped someone lose weight by addressing the issues of the heart.
  • What it means by  once the heart is healed you then have to walk it out
  • Is working on the heart and making sure it stays clear is a forever process?
  • Do some people who aren’t even aware that they could be struggling with issues of the heart are those who are disconnected?
  • Nicholas’ opinion on fasting as it relates to heart issues
  • Can we often use food to medicate or numb our feelings?

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