Listen and Laugh to our story on how we surrendered our life to the Lord Jesus.

For me,  I was going through the motions to please my parents in my teens. We were Catholic as far back as I can remember and then my parents got invited to a charismatic church. Like a lot of kids, my parents made me go to church with them. It wasn’t until age 24 that I hit rock bottom with an eating disorder that leads me to a 12 step program. I learned here to live a surrendered life to Jesus.

Pat was a junior in high school and a friend invited him to watch a movie called, “A Theif in the Night” being shown at his high school one evening. The altar call was given and he went forward but no one noticed him pray with him. He was embarrassed and thought he wasn’t good enough to get saved so he snuck out of the side door of the auditorium to avoid walking back to his seat. A few days later this same friend gave him an “LP” album to listen to by a Christian comedian named Mike Warnke. Mike on his record album shared how he was a satanic priest and got saved. Pat felt that if a satanic priest could get saved, then why couldn’t he? After all, a satanic priest in his mind was way worse than him. Before the album stopped playing, Pat got down on his knees and surrendered his life to Jesus in his bedroom in April 1978.

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