Hello, my amazing virtual family.

We made it through our first month here in Ecuador but not without some resistance.  Not just some resistance but quite a bit of resistance.

The other day I was having a conversation with Pat and he shared something that shifted me when it comes to how I view resistance.  He said, if we didn’t have resistance I would be concerned we were not following the LORD.  The enemy doesn’t like us coming here to Ecuador and is going to try to do everything he can to discourage us and get us to turn back and abort the mission. That is why from day one since we got here we have ruffled some feathers with people and experienced resistance.

I meditated on this for a few days and asked the Lord to help me embrace the resistance we were experiencing and not run from it. I began to really understand that not everyone is going to be my cheerleader or like what I’m doing. I needed to detach emotionally from the opinions and actions of others.

I began to understand that I can’t make an impact in this world and be a people pleaser.  It just won’t happen.  So, I needed to make sure that what people say or think about me doesn’t affect my heart and the only one I’m here to please is the LORD.

I need to let the Lord defend me (just like he did Joseph) and keep my eye on the goal God has set for me.

I heard the LORD Say: Do not take your focus off of the what I’ve called you to do and who I’ve called you to serve.

I was always pull back and retreat when I would encounter resistance.  I prefer to live a life of peace and everyone singing KUMBAYA. ( not reality)

I was very uncomfortable with resistance and because of that discomfort, it kept me in my comfort zone and afraid to pursue the things that God had placed in my heart.

Let me share with you something about resistance that helped me to understand the process. Instead of saying the word resistance let’s change our perspective on this to “PURPOSEFUL TENSION

First, we must discern the difference between NEGATIVE TENSION and PURPOSEFUL TENSION.

There is NO PEACE in NEGATIVE TENSION….more like headaches, aggravation, and high levels of stress. If you’re dealing with negative tension, something needs to change in your heart that you are not dealing with.  There is something in your life that is out of balance. You need to stop and spend some time with the Lord so He can show you where you need to make some adjustments in your life.

When you’re in a time of PURPOSEFUL TENSION, it’s important that you don’t draw back or pull away…keep going.  (Whenever I would find myself in this place I would draw back and go back to my place of peace and comfort)  

During the time of PURPOSEFUL TENSION, it may be difficult and even extraordinarily uncomfortable…. however, there will be a peace – God’s peace which exceeds anything that you can understand with your natural mind.

During the time of PURPOSEFUL TENSION, remember to pray and to keep praise on your lips rather than worry.

Remember: Like with a slingshot, the greater the (purposeful) tension, the greater the release!

There are amazing things in store for YOU! God is ALWAYS faithful to His word.  So, don’t shrink back when you feel the PURPOSEFUL TENSION.  Understand that it’s all part of the process.  The only impossible journey is the one you never begin!

But as it is written, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

Until next week family, I LOVE YOU!

Live life uncluttered and rich with purpose


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