My spirit leaped within me as we entered into the first week of 2018. My move to Ecuador was something I felt so strongly in my heart I knew I had to do. Now we are finally here and settling into our daily routine.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t hear from friends or acquaintances WHY?  WHY would you sell everything and go to a third world county?  Why would you give up everything and move so far away?  Why wouldn’t you stay in the states doing what you were doing it was going so well for you?

Here is the truth to why I made such a drastic change in my life.

Last August after returning home to the states I took time to really search my heart and TRUST what it was saying.  Our heart is always leading us but I find so often we get caught up in busyness and we don’t take time to listen until we are forced to.  We don’t listen to those little nudges or the gentle whisper that are heart shares with us.

My heart was longing to step out and do HIS will, to encounter HIM at a deeper level and allow HIM to show me new things. This could only happen if I stepped first and trusted HIM to lead the way. All I felt was an urgency in my heart that I needed to go back to Ecuador.  Something I never experienced before.  That was it!  My heart telling me to go back.  Nothing more.  No details, nothing specific just to go back. To this day I really don’t know the exact plan that God has for me here but I TRUST HIM to reveal it in HIS TIME. 

So I started taking the steps I needed to make that possible, from flights, renting a condo, hiring an attorney to do the paperwork for our visa and making a plan for Hannah to finish out her senior year of school online.  My daughter Hannah was just as excited to return to Ecuador as we were. We decided to enroll her in online school for her last semester but have her return home to walk with her graduating class in May.

She received so much resistance from her teachers and peers but she didn’t let it break her.  After being here for only 2 weeks she is the happiest I’ve ever seen her and right now as I’m writing this she is at the orphanage helping with the kids with a girl from Austrailia she just met yesterday.

She is learning at a young age to not let the opinions of others determine her actions.  That is something I didn’t understand until I was much older.  Narrow is the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. Matthew 7:14

I am looking forward to what is waiting for each day of 2018. I absolutely believe HE has great things in store for me and many of you who are ready to move further into your purpose in Him.

I pray that You take that first step into what your heart is calling you to do. I pray for encounters that take your breath away and for visions of your future that surpass the very dreams you have dreamed for yourself.

I pray that you have ample time and abundant resources and that you live this year as if it were your last and you are mindful to share LOVE with others because we live in a world that needs Jesus!

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