I want to tell you that my sex drive is always as good as it was when I was 20 – but that’s just not true.
I want to tell you that when I hit age 40, I felt that same in my body that I did in my 30’s, but I did not.
I want to tell you that I snapped my fingers or waved my wand and I never struggled with my health, but it was not like that for me.

Not even close.

I have had hormonal issues since I was very young.  Even today that is the first thing that gets affected if I’m under stress. At one point I thought I would only have Ely because I had so many miscarriages. Hormones, weight issues, and digestive problems were always a hot mess for me, although it didn’t look that way from the outside.

Even if you have not birthed babies or have digestive woes like me it can be easy to lose your mojo.

The honest and naked truth is this – recently we have been preparing for our move on December 26 and I’ve been stressed and not taking care of myself. I love that we are going to live in Ecuador and help serve at a local orphanage but the move has been hard on me. As a result, my hot flashes came back, my hair started to fall out from my thyroid getting off balance and my overall sense of well-being was gone.

Between having to sell off everything, downsize and organize all the legal paperwork we need before leaving, I lost my way and stopped taking care of ME.  That is the naked truth.

Stress, business, being a mom and balancing life felt like a lot. I felt like my energy was going down the drain along with the water when I showered – until this happened.

I was in my bathroom getting ready to put my contacts in and I have one of those mirrors that magnifies everything so I can see – well I had the chance to really look at myself, and what I saw was a tired woman.  I was tired because I lost my ME TIME and also my time with the LORD. I let those two important things slip which left me operating in my own strength.

I made a decision that moment to change and get myself back into my normal routine and honoring my boundaries before another day goes by. I wanted my morning time with the Lord. I wanted my ME time. I wanted to start enjoying the journey once again and I needed to make a change.

If you do not know this already, I am not a lover of change. But that day something shifted – I realized It’s not a win if I’m getting everything accomplished but I’m drained, cranky and have no time with the Lord or giving back to myself.

I took time to stop and pray and ask the Lord to help me, help me enjoy the journey and take the time I need for myself and HIM. You see we can all lose our way but the important thing is to make the necessary adjustments quickly and not let months or years go by before we recognize it.

Satan’s goal is to keep us distracted by our circumstance so much that we say “I’ll do it later, or I just can’t.”

I needed to also listen to my own darn advice and get back to the basics of putting the oxygen mask on myself first before I help others.

Here are some of the changes I put into place:

  • Increase my water intake
  • Eat more healthy fats
  • Get outside for some sun on my face.
  • Consume minerals to support my thyroid
  • Change up my probiotics for good gut health
  • Drink some wheatgrass so I support my liver
  • Fill my house with praise music
  • Make time for fun and being with family

I didn’t want to feel drained anymore. I wanted to find my way back to feeling peace and enjoying the journey. And I want the same for you.

Do not let stress take you down. You can have your peace back (in case you feel like it slipped down the drain).

Download this holiday survival guide here – because there is no reason to not feel peace and joy during the holidays, a time we all know can stress us out and wreak havoc on our hormones.