Yesterday I spent the entire day minimalizing. I started in my bedroom and bathroom while Pat and Ely tackled the garage.  Piper was working so she plans on doing her room on Monday.  The entire family is on board and we are removing all the excess from our lives. We are working on becoming a minimalist family.

This all started Monday of this week when I was spending time with the Lord and HE brought me to this scripture Genesis 12:1 and spoke to me about trusting HIM and being willing to say yes to what HE asks without questions.  HE didn’t want me to give HIM excuses and try to figure out how to accomplish what HE is asking.  HE simply wants a yes. HE’LL figure out the rest.

Abram was told to go. 
Go where?

God said, “I’ll show you.”

 After GO came the promise..came the provision. God loves to crumble our plans and take us into the unknown. 

Then Tuesday rolls around and as I’m sitting with the Lord I hear him ask me will you get rid of all your stuff? (all the stuff in my house, everything) I immediately began asking a million questions.

He asks me again….. will you get rid of all your stuff?

He then reminded me of our conversation on Monday about being willing to say yes to Him without all the details.

Sometimes the Lord will ask us if we are willing to see if we will trust HIM.  He might not necessarily want me to get rid of my stuff but he may be asking so that he can reveal to me what is actually in my heart.  And that’s exactly what he did.

I began to search my heart and ask myself the tough question as to why I was so attached to my stuff. I realized I put a lot of security in my stuff.  It’s something I worked most of my life for.  It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.  I began to look into those dark places and was surprised at the feelings that emerged. I find myself afraid to let go because I struggle to trust that there is yet more goodness and beauty to come my way. My challenge with letting go is emotional, not physical. It is only in this messy, uncomfortable place that I begin to untangle the roots of my fear and find my way to freedom. Slowly. Surely. The only way to true growth is through.

God may be asking you for a YES,

“Will you GO?”

Will you go hire that coach?

Will you go start that new business?

Will you go on a fast to end your addiction to food?

“Will you go?”
Will you TRUST HIM?

God is simply wanting you to say Yes without a million questions or excuses. Simply say YES!

God is always faithful. He will show you the next step after you say YES!

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