Why you need a PLAN B  if you are a health coach, personal trainer or in the wellness industry!

Most millionaires have 7 streams of income, some of which are truly residual. Partnering with a network marketing company can provide that residual income you may be looking for. It’s a phenomenal way to enhance your current business model as long as it aligns with your personal brand.  If you were to take some time off right now from your wellness business would you still have money coming in? I realized 4 years ago that if I didn’t work (my plan A) I didn’t get paid and it made it very difficult to take time off to be with family or volunteer in areas of ministry that I knew I had a passion for.  I needed a PLAN B.  I think everyone needs a PLAN B.  Never have all your eggs in one basket.

I remember talking to a health coach a few years back and he told me that he takes every summer off to be with his family.  I was shocked that he built his business in such a way that allowed him such time freedom.  I knew right then I wanted to have the same thing but I had no idea how I was going to make that happen.

The idea of building a network marketing business was not on my list of businesses I wanted to open. In fact, I thought that most network marketers that approached me were salesy which was a huge turn-off and had terrible toxic products they were pushing on people.

But God had a different idea for me.

God had a complete stranger present a product line first and then a business opportunity to me that got my attention. Oh, I was not completely on board at first but after much research and tons of questions, I was at least ready to try the products. The products were amazing and I really enjoyed using them. My clients were getting amazing results when it came weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle.  I did not want to hear anything about the business for months.  I was strictly going to use the products and that was it.

But God had a different idea. I remember when He got a hold of me and told me that HE was going to use this as a tool for me to help others with their health, finances and also bring additional income into our family. I had to totally surrender my will to HIS and allow HIM to teach me about this new business model.

HE was true to HIS promise and 14 months later I was one of the top income earners in our company but more importantly, I’ve helped over 6,000 other families get healthy and create residual income for themselves. One of my top leaders just quit his full-time job after 4 years of building his plan B (network marketing business) and moved to Hawaii to explore adding other additional streams of income to his portfolio.

I am passionate about helping other faith-driven women build a brand and align it with the network marketing business model to create a time freedom business and so they can give back to causes that they are passionate about.

I have opened up enrollment now in November to bring on 4 NEW brand partners that I will work with personally to build a brand and a successful network marketing business. If you are looking to have a PLAN B for yourself and so you can give back to causes you are passionate about, I’d love to be your coach!

I’m taking applications now! You can scroll to the bottom of the page and apply here.

2018 is going to be a year of supernatural abundance for Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs!  You have to get ready to receive it! Joshua 1:1-9

If God PURPOSED you for it, He will PROSPER you in it! 

3 Things you should consider before partnering with a network marketing company:

  1. Does it align with you and your core values?

You have to LOVE the products and use them daily. You need to know what is in the products you are recommending.  Are they toxic?  Do you know where the products are sourced from?  These are important questions you need to know as a health professional recommending products.  People are looking to you for answers to their health challenges and the last thing you want to do is be compromising their health.

  1. Does the company allow you to have other streams of income?

Do not partner with a company that tells you that you cannot work and earn income through other revenue streams. A network marketing company is not your employer. They do not pay your taxes. If a company is telling you that your partnership with them can be your only source of income…run!  Also, if you have an upline doing the same thing, I would reconsider the partnership. It is in your best interest to ramp up more than one stream of income and focus on your personal brand above any network marketing partnership.

  1. Timing in the Marketplace:

If you are looking to join a network marketing company, you want a company with great products, great leadership, and a fair compensation plan.   You want a company that is at least 2 years old and positioned for long-term growth. You want to join the company before it hits critical growth and you want to join before everyone has heard of it. The easiest way to determine this is to look at the company’s annual revenue and the number of distributors.  When you start to see 20% to 100% yearly growth after the first two years you know the company is in its critical growth stage. It’s the perfect time to get involved.  Just to clarify, ultimately your success is in your hands.