You can’t just Pray it away!

It was last week when I received an email from an old friend that said two people I worked with died and one person I knew had an amputation.  My heart was so heavy from hearing this news.  I hate to hear about the loss of someone that is a result of their body no longer being able to function.

As much as I try to shine the light on the importance of eating clean and taking toxins out of the body, often times my friends would rather just pray their situation away then change the way they are eating.  I sit back and think where have we been led astray to think we can put whatever we want in our mouths and there is not going to be consequences?

My dad was a perfect example of this.  He smoked for years and never thought it would catch up to him.  It wasn’t until he was barely able to breathe that he said, ‘I wish I would have listened to everyone that was begging me to quit smoking“.  The Lord got a hold of me and used my Dad’s cancer to teach me about health. See my dad was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors gave him 6 months to live. I began studying everything I could about the body so I could help him beat this cancer.  I wasn’t able to save my dad but the Lord taught me a lot about the body and how unfortunately my dad abused his body and was not a good steward over the body God gave him.

He also showed me we can use food to heal the body and He created food not only for pleasure but to be medicine. That’s also when HE said for me to teach HIS people how to take care of their health. HE said my people are perishing for lack of knowledge. Then He sent me to school to become a holistic health practitioner and get licensed.  What I learned about keeping the body healthy is very simple.  We need to first understand our food source is very toxic and it’s not like the food our grandparents had. So we have been killing ourselves with what’s at the end of our fork and not realizing it.

When we ingest toxins our body gets overloaded and is not able to fight off disease. So the answer is to keep our toxic load down so we can give our body a chance to fight off disease and heal itself. Simple Right?  There is one problem………the flesh and the spirit are at war with each other.

(Romans 7:15) I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.

We have an enemy that wants to stop God’s people from fulfilling HIS purpose on the earth.  One of the ways the enemy does this is by putting toxic chemicals in our food and make certain foods highly addictive and harmful.

But I’m here to let you know that you no longer have to wrestle with the addiction to food. I’m proof that you can live free.

Besides our food being made with chemicals and being addictive, most of us have been taught that we need to go on a diet and that having a skinnier body will do the trick to making us healthy and whole.

Did you know that one out of every three women and one out of every four men are on a diet? 

Why do we continue to think a diet is going to work when we know deep down it doesn’t?

The reason why diets don’t work is we are hungering for something more and many of us think that losing weight is the answer.  A skinnier version of yourself is NOT going to satisfy what you are really hungry for because it’s really not about the weight in pounds.  It’s about losing the weight of the doubts, lies, fear, shame, and guilt that you have carried around for years.

IT’S ABOUT A TOXIC HEART.  We have to get rid of that stuff. We have to surrender all those toxic feelings to the Lord so he can heal our brokenness. We have to release and let go of unforgiveness.  We have to release and let go of anger.

Did you know that often times our healing won’t manifest until we take care of releasing the toxic emotions that we allow to take up residence in our heart?  I’ll save that for another post.

It wasn’t until I surrendered my heart completely to the Lord that I was able to get free.

It wasn’t until I gave Him those broken pieces that HE was able to heal my heart.

It wasn’t until I gave Him the sexual abuse, the shame that went along with it and allowed HIM to heal that shameful area of my heart, that I was able to finally stop turning to food to cover the pain.

It’s a daily walk of surrender that keeps us healthy.  We need to unlearn the negative patterns we had around eating and preparing food and learn new ways to fuel our body.  It’s more than the food on our plate. It’s our relationships, our job, our family, and our relationship with JESUS.

So let me ask you……..

Are you tired of not “feeling” good?

Are you ready for sustained weight loss?

Are you ready to look and feel amazing?

Are you ready for change?

Are you ready to have a healthy body?

As Jesus asked the lame man on the mat in John 5, Do you want to get well?”

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I’m telling you to get ready! God is unleashing a movement– like a tsunami of His love crashing onto the shore of your heart–and it’s coming our way. It’s coming to sweep us off of our I can do it myself” feet and train us up in what it means to live and love as a whole person who has been restored and transformed by the power of God’s love and promises of His Word.

I have an exciting new program launching in November for all of you that are ready to get well.

My FREEDOM Group starts November 13, 2017, and goes for 4 weeks.

I invite you to take a look at the program and see if it’s something you would like to join.  God dropped this program in my spirit last year and I just now felt the release to bring it to you. HE has specific people that this is for so I invite you to pray and ask HIM if this is for you. Check it out here.