This past week was super exciting for me and Pat.  We were invited to an event in Ft. Lauderdale where a real estate company was courting my husband.  They want him to help promote their company.  We met some amazing people that are not only making significant income but most had a mission beyond buying and selling houses.  Most were associated with some sort of charity which made it very interesting for us to glean ideas for the Orphanage in Ecuador we are supporting.

We had about a 4-hour drive from our house to Ft. Lauderdale so I decided to take a spiritual assessment test and also have Pat take the test as well.  It’s so fun to do these types tests because it helps you to understand yourself and your partner better.  It also helps you to see how God designed you for HIS specific purpose.  I highly recommend the book.  The title is the Market Place Christian.  It helps you identify your spiritual gifts and how they are to be used in the marketplace.  My number one gift is Administrative and Pat’s was Connecting.  No surprise to those that know us I’m sure.

The first night we got there we had a beautiful dinner reception, of course, Pat was networking and The Lord made some divine connections to help fulfill HIS plans for the orphanage in Ecuador. One gentleman is donating funds. One gentleman is advertising for us on his charity website and one has built 2 orphanages in Cuenca, Ecuador and is going to visit the one we are connected with to see how he can help us improve things! God is so awesome!!

I’m truly walking in a space with the Lord that I have never experienced before.  I’ve known HIS word for years but to really experience HIS word is altogether different.  I always read that HE orchestrates our steps but now I’ve seen this unfold in my life so quickly the past few months with all these divine connections.  We could not have made these connections without HIM.  I’m really in awe of all that HE is doing in our lives. It’s very humbling.  It’s sometimes overwhelming if I’m really honest.  I feel like I’m so far out in the land of faith I have to hold on to the LORD or I will fall.

The day after the reception I couldn’t wait to get out on the beach and spend time with the LORD.  When I’m walking on the beach I feel so connected to the Lord’s presence and I hear his voice so clearly.  I know you must experience the same thing in your special place with HIM.

I really feel the Lord saying it’s time to get ready for 2018 NOW!  Make the necessary adjustments to your business now. Make sure your foundation is stable.  Get your systems in place so you can receive what he has for you.

If he was going to open the door for you to appear on a major TV station would your business be able to handle the influx of leads and clients that would be wanting to hire you?  Do you have a free lead magnet to give to people that visit your site? Do you have online programs that you can offer them?  Do you have a website that clearly defines your mission and who you are called to serve?  If you are truly desiring the laptop lifestyle and to impact those HE has called you to serve, it’s time to start doing and stop hoping. The Lord is waiting on you.  Get your stuff in order.

Throughout my years of coaching entrepreneurs, I noticed 3 common fears that prevent them from moving forward and having success. I want to share them with you so you can move forward and stop letting these fears hold you back.

3 Fears That Are Preventing Your Success as an Entrepreneur

  1. Fear of the technology. Many Kiingdompreneurs have solid, effective programs and services, but don’t monetize them well because they feel like they don’t have the technology “know-how” to make a program perfect. If you are worried about the technology side of things, you have options. You can outsource it to someone at UPWORK, or you can do the projects yourself.  I have done both. Put something together that you know will solve a problem for someone that you have experience in your own life and launch it to a  test group and start helping people meet their goals. The test group will help you tweak and adjust your program.  Pray and ask God to help you find someone who knows how to help you, or you can barter with, then get out there and make people’s lives better.  Don’t overthink this.
  2. Fear Being Salesy or Slimy. Sometimes I see clients that are afraid to reach out to individuals because they don’t want to seem salesy and slimy.  Even if you were salesy when you first started in business don’t let the shame of that hold you back.  When you know better you do better.  It takes time to grow and learn with any business and often times we have to unlearn the mistakes we’ve been taught.  However, there is a way to reach out to individuals that is genuine.  In addition to reaching out individually to your warm market, it’s also important to reach out to influencers who have a similar target market. An influencer who is willing to share your lead magnet with their audience can bring in loads of qualified leads that will eventually turn into your warm market. Without some individual outreach, you won’t be able to grow your warm market. And remember, if you are providing value, people won’t have a problem with signing up for an email list, or hearing about your offerings. So, be confident and reach out!
  3. Fear of being credible. Credibility is extremely important in today’s marketplace. However, if God has called you to make a difference he will also open doors for you that no man can shut.  You have to rely on HIS leading.  When I first started out I didn’t have much credibility I just knew God was calling me to help others transform their health.  I remember going to Hippocrates Health Institute and asking them if I could partner with them and give referrals as well as receive referrals.  They were not interested in me and said NO.  They only wanted to partner with people that graduated from their school.  I was disappointed because I knew God was showing me that I was to work with them. But after receiving the “NO” I thought well maybe I missed God on this.

It was about 9 months later I remember sitting in my office and getting a call from the Marketing Director at Hippocrates asking if they could partner with me and do some events here in Tampa.  I was thrilled and of course working with them gave me a lot of credibility in my local area and opened a lot of doors.

You just need to start and move in the one thing God has directed you to do and he will continue to direct your steps.  He wants to make sure you are faithful with the first step.   Don’t let the fear of lack of credibility stand in the way of forward motion in your business.

If you are an entrepreneur, it’s important that you don’t let the fear of technology, individual outreach or lack of credibility keep you from truly growing your business. Go out there confidently knowing that God has called you and given you everything you need and HE will be opening doors and be connecting you with the right people to fulfill HIS purpose in your life.  Focus on providing value by serving others, outsource where you can, and remember that done is better than perfect.

Leave me a comment and let me know you were here.  Check out my upcoming Adventure Mastermind that I will be hosting next year and if you want to chat to see if it’s a fit for you and your business feel free to set up a consult.  ADVENTURE MASTERMIND