5 Ways to Conquering Shyness:

First thing I want you to do is to embrace being shy. Stop wishing you weren’t shy and that you were more outgoing. Don’t let so-called friends or coaches tell you that you need to change in order to be successful. That is not how God made you. Stop letting the enemy get in your head and tell you that God can’t use a shy person.  Today it stops and today you embrace and accept who God made you to be and you begin to love that person.

Everyone has some level of shyness. As an introvert myself, I had to shift my thoughts around meeting new people, networking at events and being social. I would often dread meeting new people because it was so draining emotionally for me. How I made this shift was to not put pressure on myself to be interesting, it’s more important to become interested.  You need to shift your thoughts from what will I get from this connection to what can I give.  Can I give a listening ear, a smile, a hug or a simple word of encouragement?

I pray before every social event for the Lord to use me and give me the words to encourage and speak life into the specific people there I will meet and need to connect with. I then recite my favorite scripture that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.  This takes the pressure off of me and puts it on the Lord to lead and guide me.

Sometimes we tend to get caught up in “What am I going to say?” We become so self-focused and try to impress people with all that we know. We need to become really curious and approach each person as being a teacher and we are the student. What can I learn from this person? Ask questions.  Listen for God to speak through that person something for us to learn. We just need to keep our heart open to every interaction.

One key to success is to embrace the love of learning and never stop being a student. I love to learn. I have a natural thirst for knowledge. My husband, Pat Martin, says that people love to talk with me because I listen and help them to feel comfortable, and have a way of pulling out the greatness in others. I ask questions, and I get to know people. I allow them to open their heart and share with me. I make sure I stay really focused and give them 100% of my attention so they feel valued.

Pat is an extrovert. He’s never had trouble getting in front of a room of people. He actually loves it. It energizes him. Me on the other hand, I remember the first time I had to get up in front of a room of over 100 people. It was at one of our network marketing events. I was terrified and I almost passed out. I forgot to breathe and get oxygen into my body. I made it through but not without shaking and feeling the fear. Everyone in the room knew I was terrified but they also witnessed me doing it afraid but felt God’s power touch their heart as I opened my heart to them.

When we’re new at something, we feel like we want to be great at it before we showcase it. That is not how it works. You need to think really big and start small. Understand that you being shy, you being timid, and you living inside your comfort zone is stopping the Lord from blessing you. He is waiting for you to step out in faith and trust him. You are stopping him from being able to use you to impact the people around you. You’re being selfish, and robbing people of your miracle that only you can share!

5 Ways to Conquering Shyness:

  1. Instead of focusing on your insecurities, focus on God’s power working through you to fulfill HIS purpose and surrender.
  2. Don’t try to be interesting. Be interested in others. Get really good at asking questions. Be curious and loving focus in on listening to the Holy Spirit share with you what this person is not saying.
  3. Let go of comparing yourself to others. Stop desiring to be like someone else and embrace the gifts and talents God has given you.
  4. Take that leap of faith with the LORD outside of your comfort zone daily.
  5. Practice being unapologetically who God made YOU to be.

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