Before coming to Ecuador I would have never gone out in public looking like this. My gray hair is glistening.😂 But God has been doing a work in my HEART and showing me what’s really important and it certainly isn’t my hair. HE has stripped away all the things I thought I needed and has shown me areas of my heart where pride set up residence along with selfish ambition. If you’re driven and even a little bit ambitious like me you’ll understand. When pride and ambition move into the same room together the combination is deadly.

The truth about ourselves is often painful to see but we can’t grow if we don’t acknowledge what’s in our heart and surrender it to the Lord for Him to change us.

HE literally has placed me in a country where connection, relationships, love, and serving are what’s of value here. People sharing whatever they have with others. People making sure they greet you with a hug and kiss. People living with an open ❤️. People have no judgment of any kind but only gratitude for LIFE even though most have had what we would say a difficult journey. This way of living equals no stress for me and pure freedom. I’m so grateful for this experience. I know God is calling me to simplify my life. What is HE calling you to do? Drop a comment below and let me know you were here.

Philippians 2:3
#minimalistlifestyle #burnouttoblessing