My hammock time has taught me so much. God is calling many of us to power down and cease striving. HE is saying to be still and know him. HE has a purpose for wanting us to be still. When we sit in stillness it allows our brain to become creative and take on a new perspective.  Creating this habit in my life has not been an easy one.  I’m still a work in progress.  Whenever I practice silence my day goes much smoother and I accomplish more things on my to-do list.

HIS plan for us is always opposite of what the world is shouting for us to do. The world says hustle, grind, stay glued to our electronic devices, get on social media constantly, stay busy, hunger and thirst for more, more, more. God is saying hunger and thirst for HIM and take the time to be still. This stillness has a purpose both physically and spiritually. Our brain was designed for love and optimism. The more we can practice solitude and silence the more we can get to the deep spiritual part of who we are and get us to the most fruitful place of our life.

My hammock recipe: Set a timer and sit in a place that brings you peace for 5 mins and say ~ Today I begin again & breath ~ No asking for anything ~ No worrying about anything ~ Simply Be Still and Be with HIM! ❤️#fromburnouttoblessing