I don’t know if you are like me but I constantly have my cell phone in my hand answering the latest text or email because my phone is where I handle a lot of business. I hate to admit it but I have been self-absorbed and not fully present to those around me most of the time.  (It’s the truth we acknowledge that sets us free). While being away this summer the Lord has really convicted me about how self-absorbed I’ve been. Living in Ecuador has caused me to only use my phone when I’m connected to wifi and that is not very often. It has actually been nice to unplug and be present with my loved ones and my surroundings.  I’m also more present to hearing the Lord speak to me. 

We took the kids whale watching a few days ago and had an amazing time. We saw the whales breach for the first time in our life.  It was absolutely spectacular and something I would highly recommend if you get the chance.

After we finished with the whales we decided to get something to eat. This little boy was standing outside a local restaurant while a group of us sat down to eat lunch. I was immediately drawn to him. I could not stop looking at him. I heard the Lord say invite him in to eat. The guy to the right of the boy in the photo speaks English and could interpret for me so I could ask the boy questions. I asked:

1. Are you hungry? Yes very. I haven’t eaten.
2. Do you go to school? Yes but I work after school with the fishermen catching fish for money.
3. Did you work today? Yes but no fish and no money.
4. Do you have parents? Yes, a dad and sister. My mom died and I help my dad make money for our family.

So, of course, like any mom would do, I fed him, gave him money then kissed and held him. 💝

I’m learning every day how important it is for me to be present and stop being so self-absorbed with my phone, checking emails, answering text messages like I normally do. I’m realizing that God is putting opportunities right in front of me waiting for me to see them. God is always speaking. I just haven’t been listening.

Isaiah 58:10 ~ Feed the hungry and those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.