Every day is an adventure. Every day is filled with hope. Every day is a chance to share the love of Jesus with others. This is Sister Fatima that runs the orphanage and has been doing so for 26 years. She never thought she would give her life to serving these kids until she met them and God told her she was to be their mother. The children flourish and their hearts are healed as a result of God’s love through her. I have never experienced such unconditional love from someone. She has a special gift. ❤️ She welcomed me with open arms, a complete stranger from the states that doesn’t speak her language but the language of love has no boundaries.

When I met up with her today on the beach she was kneeling in the water with about 5 little boys and was showing them a starfish.  The boys started to throw mud at each other and then at her.  I thought to myself I’m not sure if this is going to go well but of course, a heart filled with love and compassion for others such as Sister Fatima, she just laughed and allowed them to play.

She had about 45 kids with her this day.  Most were under 8 years of age.  I asked her how do you watch all these kids and not fear they are going to get hurt.  She points her finger up to the sky and says, I do my best but HE is responsible for them.  They are his children.

Again I’m seeing in action the art of surrender and trust.  Surrender to the Lord what HE has called you to do and Trust HE will take care of you.

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