Today, while I was walking on the beach, I was thinking about fear, the two subtle ways that I have experience fear. I was just thinking about how fear tried to stop me in my business and in my life.

The number one way is that fear tries to defeat us is to attack our mind.

It tries to tell us self – limiting thoughts that we’re not worthy, that we can’t do what God has called us to do. We have to overcome these self – limiting thoughts with podcasts, personal development books, for me, it’s reading THE WORD, it’s putting on some great praise and worship music. You’ll find what works for you to get you in a bright space in your mind and refresh your spirit.

The number two way fear likes to come in and disrupt our lives is through isolation.

Fear doesn’t play fair so it likes to isolate us. Because if fear can isolate us then, it has an even greater impact on our mind. One way to counteract that isolation is to get out. You need to get out. You’ve need to get around people. You’ve need to be a part of a community, a community that supports you and loves you. You need to take the focus off of self and shift it on to serving others. There are some amazing supportive groups on Facebook. I have several online Facebook groups that I have created that are very supportive. I use Facebook groups for my online Bootcamp communities where I help female entrepreneurs find their voice and build a profitable online business while balancing faith, family and health. I create a culture within these groups that is loving and supportive so you feel safe to spread your wings and try something that may be outside your comfort zone.

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While I was walking along the beach I decided to stop for a moment and I noticed how my foot slowly disappeared into the sand. I felt God was showing me that this is how fear takes over our life. My foot slowly sank into the sand very slowly to where I couldn’t see it anymore. This demonstrates the way fear slowly starts to take over our life, little by little untill we are paralized by it and are not longer living our purpose but settling for less than what God has for us. Fear doesn’t just swallow us up one day. It ‘s subtle. It’s the little things day after day that we refuse to face that allows the fear to swallow us up and choke the life out of us.

My encouragement for you today.

  • Wherever you’re feeling the fear that’s the direction you need to go. Step out in that area you’re feeling the fear because that is where the magic will happen and God will show out and show up.
  • Don’t isolate yourself. Get out around people and smile and connect. We were built to be connected with community and it’s essential for our personal growth.
  • Start doing something to transform your mind. The mind is definitely is a playground for fear. Take time out daily to listen, read or watch something that inspires and motivates you. Music is also a great way to change your internal energy. Put on some music that moves you and dance. Your entire mood will shift.