Trust the Process — is what my first coach would always say to me. I remember the first call I had with her, I finished the call and told my husband all the things she could have done better. Crazy right? I was such a perfectionist and as a result was living a life of unhappiness with myself.

Do you insist that everything be done a certain way? Do you have a hard time relaxing if your house is a mess or things are out of order? Do you beat yourself up for making mistakes? (This was a big one for me). It’s time to let go of perfectionism. For me it was the stumbling block that was keeping me from contentment and the happiness I want.

The quest for a perfect house, a perfect man, a perfect life – is a never ending quest that none of us will ever achieve. It is a habit that keeps us from relaxing and enjoying life – and appreciating the lessons, opportunities and blessings that are right in front of us. So here are some of the things I’ve learned to tame the perfectionism?

I have to be willing to leave some things undone. I recognize that the world won’t come to an end because there are dishes in the sink, or I didn’t plan the perfect dinner.

I realized that it’s often the imperfections of a situation that foster growth, laughter and even lasting memories. Tune in to God’s wisdom being offered to you everyday through the frustrations, inconveniences and struggles of life.

I let the people in my life be who they are. One of my life’s greatest frustrations can come from expecting others to meet my expectations when they simply cannot or will not do so. So I stopped requiring others to meet my expectations of perfection, and my relationships are more peaceful and joyful.

Give myself a break. We are all imperfect. Even if you are excellent, thoughtful, careful and intelligent, you will do things wrong at times, make mistakes and get yourself into situations you wish you could reverse. Learn from them and move forward.

As I let go of my need for perfection, I embrace the perfect ways in which life often lines up just the way you need it, just when you need it.

So let’s always remember to give ourselves a break. Let go of the quest for perfection and notice the opportunities for joy that show up on our path every day.